Abstract submission is closed

Abstracts for individual presentations as well as symposia abstracts are currently under review.


The following guidelines apply for individual and symposium abstracts:

  • Authors should indicate which sub-theme(s) of the conference they are addressing (the sub-themes represent general areas that may host many different topics)
  • Maximum number of 200 words per abstract
  • An abstract should include introduction, main findings, and discussion. Additionally, a symposium includes one general abstract that outlines the aims of the symposium and the contribution of the selected presentations.
  • A symposium consists of four or five presentations around a common theme.
  • Abstracts should be embedded in a template of individual abstract in pdf or word or symposium abstract in pdf or word.
  • Abstracts (in the right template) should be sent in Word format to reg@bcep2015.nl
  • Poster session: Authors might indicate during the abstract submission if they prefer to be in the poster session. Apart from that, reviewers might also suggest that an abstract should be in the poster session rather than an oral presentation. 

Sub-themes of the conference

  • Acceptability of environmental policies
  • Historical and/or cultural research
  • Individual factors underlying environmental attitudes and behaviour
  • Multidisciplinary approaches
  • Quality of life, well-being
  • Research methods
  • Restorative environments
  • Social influence
  • Spatial planning
  • Environmental influences on cognition and behaviour