BCEP2015 opening

The BCEP2015 opening will be provided by Linda Steg. 


 Linda Steg 

  Linda Steg is professor in environmental psychology at
  the University of Groningen. Her research focuses on
  factors and strategies promoting pro-environmental
  behaviour, and how to facilitate a sustainable energy
  transition. Also, she studies the effectiveness and
  acceptability of energy sources, and environmental and
  energy policies. Steg is past-president of Division 4
‘Environmental Psychology’ of the International Association of  Applied Psychology (IAAP), and scientific director of the Kurt Lewin Institute. Furthermore, she is associated member of the Dutch Council for the Environment and Infrastructure.

Please visit Linda Steg's profile for a biography and additional information.


We are happy to announce the following keynotes for the conference:


 Michael Siegrist

  Michael Siegrist is Professor of Consumer Behavior at
  ETH Zurich and head of Institute for Environmental
The research focus of Michael Siegrist is
  on risk perception, risk communication, acceptance
  of new technologies, and decision making under
  uncertainty. He is especially interested in food and
  consumer behavior.

Please visit Micheal Siegrist's profile for a biography and additional information.


 Thomas Dietz

  Thomas Dietz is Professor of Environmental Science 
  and Policy, Sociology and Animal Studies at Michigan
  State University, where he was founding Director of the 
  Environmental Science and Policy Program. He is
  co-director of the Great Lakes Integrated Sciences and
  Assessments Center. His publications include 13 books and over 130 papers and book chapters. He continues to conduct research on the role of  values, beliefs and norms in environmental decision making and on the relationship between human well-being and stress placed on the environment. 

Please visit Thomas Dietz' profile for a biography and additional information.


 Naomi Ellemers

  Naomi Ellemers is Professor of Social Psychology of
  Organizations from Leiden University. Naomi Ellemers' 
  research on group processes and intergroup relations
  addresses a range of topics including the effects of
  status differences between groups, diversity in teams
  and organizations, career development of women and
  minorities, motivation and commitment in work teams.

Please visit Naomi Ellemers' profile for a biography and additional information. 


 Wändi Bruine de Bruin

  Professor Wändi Bruine de Bruin holds a Leadership
  Chair in Behavioural Decision Making at the Leeds 
  University Business School, where she also serves
  as the co-director of the Centre for Decision
  Research. She holds additional affiliations with
  Carnegie Mellon University's Department of
  Engineering and Public Policy and the University of Southern California Dornsife Center for Economic and Social Research. Her research interests include 
behavioural decision making, individual differences in decision-making competence across the lifespan, and risk perception and communication as applied to climate change, energy efficiency, finances, and public health.
Please visit Wändi Bruine de Bruin's profile for a biography and additional information. 


 Wesley Schultz 

  Wesley Schultz is a Professor of Psychology at the
  California State University San Marcos. Wesley Schultz'
  research focuses on social influence and behavior
  change. Much of his research involves the application
  of social psychological principles or methods to
  understand and solve social problems. Recent
  projects include studies on environmental programs 
  (e.g., energy conservation, water conservation, recycling, and green marketing), the behavioral dimensions of climate change, cross-cultural research on environmental attitudes, and longitudinal research on programs aimed at encouraging underrepresented students to pursue careers in science.

Please visit Wesley Schultz' profile for a biography and additional information. 

Get inspired by..

We are happy to announce the following inspirational speakers:


 Gabriel Muiños

  Gabriel was born in Tenerife (Spain) in 1984,
  after finishing Psychology he specialized in  
  social interventions and started to work with  
  people in situations of social exclusion in  
  different places around the country from 2007. Being involved in environmental education and ecological volunteering from adolescence, he started a PhD in Environmental Psychology in 2012 at the University of La Laguna finishing it in the summer of 2015. His research interests have focused on the explanation of sustainable behaviors using interdependence beliefs, frugal behavior as an alternative approach to study environmentally-friendly behaviors, and the positive consequences for the personal wellbeing of pro-environmental actions.


 Bernadette Süttelin

  Bernadette Sütterlin is a researcher and lecturer at
  the Chair of Consumer Behavior at the Institute for
  Environmental Decisions, ETH Zurich, Switzerland.
  In 2012, she received her PhD in psychology from
  ETH Zurich, where she is now a senior researcher.
  Her research interests include consumer behavior,
  judgment and decision making as well as public
  perception and acceptance of technologies, with a
  focus on environmental and energy-related issues.


 Geertje Schuitema

  Geertje Schuitema is a Lecturer in Consumer
  Behaviour and Technology Adoption at the School
  of Business and the Energy Institute at the
  University College Dublin, Ireland. Before moving
  to Ireland, she received a PhD degree from the
  Universtity of Groningen (Netherlands) and was a
  research fellow at the Centre for Transport
Research, University of Aberdeen (UK) and at the faculty of Business and Social Sciences at Aarhus University (Denmark). In her research she generally aims to understand factors that influence and explain public acceptability of environmental policies and the acceptance of technologies aimed to reduce the negative impact on the environment.