The day before the start of the conference, Sunday the 23rd of August, we will organize a series of exclusive masterclasses (see below). These three masterclasses are all designed to provide key insights in ways to promote environmental quality and human-environment relationships. The different masterclasses look at this from different methodological perspectives. 

- all masterclasses have reached the maximum capacity, you are not able to subscribe anymore - 

Designing interventions 
by dr. Ellen van der Werff and dr. Janet Veldstra

Conducting Field Experiments 
by prof. dr. Linda Steg, prof. dr. Wesley Schultz and dr. Kees Keizer

Green space, restoration and health: new directions in theory and practice
by prof. dr. Agnes van den Berg and dr. Yannick Joye 


Masterclasses Early birds registration
(until July 15, 2015)
Regular registration
(after July 15, 2015)
  €75 €100

* Costs include material and lunch


The masterclasses will take place at 'Het Heerenhuis' (located at Spilsluizen 9, Groningen, see map below). Participants will receive workshop-specific information (such as specific starting time) by email. The masterclasses will take the whole day. For questions regarding the masterclasses, please contact