Are you one of the award winners?

We are happy to announce that we have several awards to recognize and promote the talent and effort of several skillful scientists. During a festive ceremony we will announce the winners and have a toast with them to celebrate their achievements. The award ceremony will take place at Wednesday from 16 o'clock until 18 o'clock at 'Land van Kokanje' (located at Oude Boteringestraat 9, Groningen, see map below) combined with the fare well session 

Best Poster Awards

Team: Leonie Venhoeven (University of Groningen, the Netherlands (chair)), Elizabeth Gabe-Thomas (University of Bath, UK), Isabella Uhl (Paris Lodron University of Salzburg, Austria) and Ellen Matties (Otto-von-Guericke-University, Germany).

We are happy to announce that the Best Poster Award goes to Ursula Pool from the University of Central Lancashire, with her poster titled “The effect of scene content on implicit affect: artificial objects in natural landscapes with and without water”. Among the 27 posters presented by PhD students, Ursula’s poster stood out because of her clear and concise presentation, nicely illustrated experimental conditions and interesting research topic. Congratulations Ursula!

Best Presentation Award

Team: Josefine Geiger (University of Groningen, the Netherlands (chair)), Daniel Sloot (University of Groningen, the Netherlands), Elaine Gallagher (University of Bath, UK), Yang Zhang (University of Groningen, the Netherlands), Birgitta Gatersleben (University of Surrey, UK), Janke Wesselius (VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands) and Marleen Onwezen (Wageningen University, the Netherlands).

We are happy to announce Heidi Bruderer Enzler from the ETH Zurich as the winner of the Best Presentation Award. The IAAP Best Presentation Award committee evaluated all presentations that were held by a PhD student based on the presentation style and content. Amongst the 83 presentations that were evaluated Heidi outstood with her presentation “Environmental concern and income as predictors of carbon emissions: are they equally related to emissions” with her excellent presentation style, her innovative approach and her challenging questions on existing research. 

Best Paper Award 

Team: Angela Ruepert (University of Groningen, the Netherlands (chair)), Gabriel Muiños (University of La Laguna, Spain), Moira Nicolson (University College London, UK), Annika Nordlund (Umea University, Sweden) and Cláudia Andrade (Centro de Investigação e Intervenção Social, Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, Portugal).

We are happy to announce that the IAAP Best Paper Award 2014 written by a PhD Student was won by Danny Taufik, who is currently finalizing his PhD at the University of Groningen. Danny Taufik won the award for his paper “Acting green elicits a literal warm glow”, which was published in Nature Climate Change in 2014. The IAAP Best Paper Award committee evaluated all the submitted papers based on their scientific as well as practical importance. 

Unilever Best Dissertation Award

Team: Geertje Schuitema (University College Dublin, Ireland (chair)), Taciano Milfont (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand), René Lion (Unilever R&D, the Netherlands) and Thijs Bouman (University of Groningen, the Netherlands).

We are happy to announce that the Unilever Best Dissertation Award (IAAP) was won by Gregory Thomas. Gregory successfully defended his dissertation entitled “Exploring alternatives to rational choice in models of behavior: An investigation using travel mode choice” in 2014 at the University of Bath. According to the evaluation committee, Gregory’s dissertation “added a new unique perspective to the old and tested theory of planned behavior, used a range of methodologies and clearly contributed to both theory and practice”. Gregory Thomas received a 750 Euro price (offered to you by Unilever) and a free membership of IAAP for one year, including all the associated benefits of this membership.

C.F. Graumann Award

Team: Gundula Hübner (Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg; MSH Medical School Hamburg, Germany (chair)), Florian G. Kaiser (Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany) and Anke Blöbaum (Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany).

The C. F. Grauman Award is named after one of the most creative founders of the Environmental Psychology Section of the German Psychological Society. This award honors high standard scientific works that illustrate a non-specialist audience the relevance of psychological concepts to explain human-environment interactions. It will be given to younger authors of scientific papers or thesis. The winner will be announced during the award ceremony on Wednesday and will receive a 500 Euro price (offered by the Environmental Psychology Section of the German Psychological Society).