BCEP 2015 - Welcome

BCEP2015, you were truely amazing! We want to thank all participants and partners for their contribution. Until we meet again!

Bridging theory and practice: inspiring the future of environmental psychology

We are very pleased to announce the 11th Biennial Conference on Environmental Psychology taking place from the 24th to the 26th of August 2015 in the beautiful city of Groningen, The Netherlands. The conference is hosted by the Environmental Psychology group of the University of Groningen. BCEP2015 will again offer ample opportunities for researchers in the field of environmental psychology to meet, and to present and discuss their work. The conference aims to bring together environmental psychology in all its exciting facets. We invite you to present scientific studies on the interactions between human and the build and natural environment, and to consider the practical implications of your work.

Important questions to be addressed are: How does the physical environment (e.g. nature, environmental) and the social environment (social norms) affect wellbeing and behavior? Which environmental changes can enhance health and wellbeing, and which processes underlie such positive effects? Which factors affect pro-environmental behavior? Which strategies are effective and acceptable to encourage pro-environmental behavior?

The 11th biennial conference also aims to discuss future perspectives for the field. More specifically, we encourage discussion about ways to strengthen the theoretical bases of environmental psychology, and invite you to present novel theoretical perspectives that will enrich the field. An important question is how to conduct scientifically sound research that provides key insights in ways to promote environmental quality and human-environment relationships. Also, we encourage demonstration and discussion of innovative research methods and tools to study environmental issues, including smart metering, GPS, ICT-based feedback systems, virtual reality, and driver simulators. 

Renowned keynote speakers will inspire us with their innovative work, and there will be plenty of opportunity to meet with your colleagues and peers.

Partners BCEP 2015